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Lacey Caroline


Thank you for visiting my site. I am an award-winning performer with over 6 years of experience in entertainment,

ranging from being a mini mascot at the French All-Star game in Paris to serving as the NBC Kid Reporter for Supercross LIVE and NASCAR, and starring in the 2019 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, A CHRISTMAS LOVE STORY. 

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Lacey is by far one of the most brilliant actors I've worked with. She understands the translation from page to screen and from director to actor. She deeply understands the universal language of emotion and that can be felt in every frame she's on-screen. 

- Cameron McCormack, Writer/Director, BEYOND THE YARD, Quiet Frame Productions and ON THE LAM, UNC School of the Arts Class of 2020; Director 

Within seconds of watching Lacey's audition, I knew she was what our film needed. It's rare for such a young person to possess so much raw talent. Not only does she have a unique look that captures your attention, her positive attitude and willingness to collaborate allowed our story to come to fruition. I know our film is just a small step towards what I am sure is going to be a very successful future. 

- Rachel Lebak, Producer, WORM RADIO


Keeping up with the #lifeoflacey

Despite a challenging environment in 2020, Lacey was fortunate to continue working and to build her full team, including 2 managers , film/TV and Broadway representation in LA and NY, and an incredible publicist. 2021 continued to bring excitement with more NASCAR segments, numerous short films and an awesome feature film. And 2022 is just getting started...

2021 Awards

Lacey Caroline sweeps kids awards     

While HARBOR ISLAND didn't get past the pilot stage, Lacey was thrilled to win 4 incredible awards in 2021 for her performance as "Jamie" and is incredibly thankful for the experience. 

2021 Skyline Performer Awards - Best Actress

2021 Southeast Regional Film Festival - Best Actress

2021 Young Artist Award - Best Actress

2021 Young Entertainer Award - Best Actress

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Carolina Film Community - 2021 MICS

Lacey Caroline wins Best Actress and the 2021 Blaine Miller Filmmaker of the Year Awards

Lacey was thrilled to win Best Actress for her role in BEYOND THE YARD, written and directed by her close friend and mentor, Cam McCormack. Cam also won Best Cinematography for the project. The honors continued for Lacey that evening as she was presented with the 2021 Blaine Miller Filmmaker of the Year Award.

Premiere of YOUTH

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Set Apart Productions is proud to present a private screening of YOUTH written and directed by Trey Riley and filmed in June 2021 in North and South Carolina starring Lacey Caroline and Camila Escobar.


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