Lacey is an award-winning performer with over 6 years of experience in entertainment. From being a mini mascot at the

French All-Star game in Paris to serving as the NBC Kid Reporter for Supercross LIVE and NASCAR, and starring in the 2019 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, A CHRISTMAS LOVE STORY, Lacey has entertained audiences of all sizes, both live and pre-recorded. 

Despite a challenging environment in 2020, Lacey was fortunate to continue working and to build her full team, including 2 managers , TV/Film and Broadway representation in LA and NY, and an incredible publicist. 2021 brought more excitement with new NASCAR segments, numerous short films and an awesome feature film. 2021 was capped off by Lacey sweeping the youth awards with her performance as "Jamie" in HARBOR ISLAND, as well as receiving the Best Actress award for the Southeast Regional Film Festival.

With numerous projects slated for release,  

2022 is just getting started...

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Working with Lacey was an absolutely blessing! Nothing short of amazing. We worked full days, high temperatures, dealt with bees, dust and rain, and none of this stopped Lacey from giving her all. She truly knows how to be committed and collaborative with myself and the entire crew. No doubt, I would work with her again! 

- Austin Smith, Writer/Director/Editor, WORM RADIO

Lacey is by far one of the most brilliant actors I've worked with. She understands the translation from page to screen and from director to actor. She deeply understands the universal language of emotion and that can be felt in every frame she's on-screen. 

- Cameron McCormack, Writer/Director, BEYOND THE YARD, Quiet Frame Productions and Director, ON THE LAM, UNC School of the Arts 

Within seconds of watching Lacey's audition, I knew she was what our film needed. It's rare for such a young person to possess so much raw talent. Not only does she have a unique look that captures your attention, her positive attitude and willingness to collaborate allowed our story to come to fruition. I know our film is just a small step towards what I am sure

is going to be a very successful future. 

- Rachel Lebak, Producer, WORM RADIO

YOUTH is a short film completed in 2022, that I developed with Lacey in mind. It is a drama, with only two characters and heavy dialogue. She accepted the challenge and welcomed the weight of a lead role. Lacey understood the role and more importantly than that she understood the very thin line in which the story shifts perspective. She is beyond talented and works tirelessly at her craft. I think that shows on screen in this film and others she has made recently. She stands out in a sea of auditions and, for me, it's a no-brainer to cast her whenever I can. 

- Trey Riley, Writer/Director, YOUTH 

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