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Lacey Caroline

Living the #lifeoflacey to the fullest!

Thank you for visiting my site. I am a multi-talented performer with several years of experience in entertainment,

ranging from being a mini mascot at the French All-Star game to serving as the NBC Kid Reporter for Supercross LIVE and NASCAR,

and starring in the 2019 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, A CHRISTMAS LOVE STORY. 

Take a look around my site for information about my career, updates on projects I’m working on, and upcoming events.

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Lacey has the amazing ability to light up any room and that’s further amplified onscreen. She is as kind as she is talented!

-Tiffany Rhodes, Director, HARBOR ISLAND

Lacey is by far one of the most brilliant actors I've worked with. She understands the translation from page to screen and from director to actor. She deeply understands the universal language of emotion and that can be felt in every frame she's on-screen. 

- Cameron McCormack, Director, ON THE LAM, UNC School of the Arts Class of 2020


Follow along with the #lifeoflacey

People are always asking...who are you? Are you a reporter? An Actor? A Singer or a Host? 
The answer is.... YES! I am an entertainer, a performer from birth, and love to do it all. 
Stay up to date on the #lifeoflacey and all the latest news about my productions, events,
and constant travels by having a look at the articles below.


Lacey Caroline nominated for 2020 Young Artist Academy Awards

June 5, 2020

Since 1978, the Young Artist Academy™ hosts Hollywood's oldest youth awards show each summer.  Affectionately called the "Youth Oscars" by Huffington Post, the Academy has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood over the last 40 years, and is the only youth awards to be structured the same as major Hollywood guilds.  

Lacey is thrilled to be nominated for 2 YAA awards:

Best Youth Artist in a TV Movie for A CHRISTMAS LOVE STORY (Hallmark)

Best Young Actress in a Short Film for THE BIG L (UNC School of the Arts)

It’s been a long, hard week for the worl

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